Thursday, February 28, 2013

Using af:Iterator with master/detail to display data in custom layouts

Below example shows steps to use af:iterator in a master/detail senario

1. Create a ADF BC components(EO, VO, AM) with the viewlink for master/detail.

2. Drag and drop the master on to the page as tree table.

3. Create the first iterator to access the master collection via above tree binding, create the second iterator via the accessor binding. (Accessor name is present in the binding defination also in the view link defination)

4. You can create different combination of layout with this approach.

5. You can download the complete example here.


  1. Instead of a read-only output text, do you have a similar example with an LOV which presents the user with the currently persisted DB value (i.e. the LOV does not render 'empty' on page load)? I have implemented an example similar to this - which works but I cannot get my LOV components to display the current value on page load - they always appear blank/empty.

  2. I have the same issue with the LOV current values display do you have the solution now?


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